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Perfecting Remotely Supervised Abrasive Belt Cleaning Equipment Installations

Sometimes a pandemic has a silver lining. When Covid-19 hit, we had several abrasive belt cleaning installations scheduled for our crews. The inability to travel to the locations to install led us to a new benefit for clients: We developed a procedure to allow clients to self-install our belt cleaning equipment on their sanders.

This saves the client a lot of cost, not only by avoiding the installation cost, but enabling the client to avoid the travel and living expenses required for our crew to be there. By eliminating these costs, clients reduce the overall cost of the systems by as much as 25%.

Facility maintenance and electrical personnel have proven to be capable of installing our systems with the help of a detailed installation manual and the availability of our personnel for phone and zoom interaction during installation prep and the installation, testing, and start-up phases.

We first use photos and/or digital models of the sander to position our cleaning system components upon them, so we can show the client the best placement of components for the best installation. The installation manual covers all aspects of both the mechanical and electrical portions of the installation and covers all concerns for correct blasting media flow.

The result is a quality installation at a greatly reduced cost. Our crews continue to be available for installations, as travel allows; however, it’s good to make options available for clients.
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