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On-Sander Cleaning Abrasive Belts

On-Sander Cleaning with IceClean Systems

Cleaning sanding belts saves time and money. For wide belt sanders, the time associated with removing and replacing sanding belts costs time and money. Reclaiming abrasive belts is the best solution for higher productivity and revenue.

The time to clean a belt is about one minute, and the cost per cleaning is about 50 cents. In comparison to the replacement belt cost, on-sander cleaning is a brilliant money-saving and time saving solution for wood applications.

Abrasive Belt Sanding

In the wood processing industry, abrasive sanding belts and wide belts are quickly consumed in many applications.

As a result, work is paused and belts are changed. Reclaiming sanding belts makes sense. On-sander cleaning saves even more time and money.

IceClean Systems offers a solution to minimize effluents and maximize productivity and belt life.

On-Sander Savings

On-sander belt cleaning eliminates downtime and reduces the frequency of belt changes. Some members of the Engineered Wood Association have reviewed the IceClean Systems advantages.

Additional association members that could benefit from the IceClean Systems on-sander solutions include American Softwoods  , Structural Insulated Panel Association , National Wood Flooring Association , International Log Builders Association , and Window and Doors Manufactures Association.


Environmentally-friendly on-sander solutions benefit your bottom line and the environment at the same time.

In addition, quality enhancement and safety considerations are part of the IceClean Systems offering. IceClean Systems encourages you to contact us to learn more.

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