Sander, Belt Use and Cost Information Request

If we can obtain information on all your company’s sanding equipment, belt change frequency, and costs, we can discuss that information to jointly determine which one of our belt cleaning applications would be most cost effective for you and which sander to start with for maximum return, while doing so under an overall belt cleaning program plan. Normally, the place to start is with the sander that has the greatest sanding costs. We will jointly determine if on-sander belt cleaning or an off-sander cleaning cabinet would be most effective. If on-sander cleaning is being considered, we will ask for measurements and photos of the sander(s) to confirm the procedure for installing our equipment. We can then provide you with quantified on-sander options and off-sander options with quotations for each and what we think is the best equipment recommendation for you, along with a projection of your monthly/annual savings, and a projected payback period.

We can use as much of the following information that you can give me in order to best configure equipment, to determine cost effectiveness, and to provide investment return data to you. This information will be held in strict confidence.

Questions 1—12 deal with sander and belt information, and question 13 deals with abrasive cost information.

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At the time we determine which sanders to focus on first, we will need to speak to someone there who is familiar with the sanders and who I can give photo perspective instructions to.