April : Recycling Abrasive Belts

These abrasive belts are removed and trashed at your local landfill much too early. They make a huge environmental impact due to their size and makeup. We have proven that abrasive belts are like-new under the sanded load, can be easily cleaned for just a few cents, and then used over and over again. If you aren’t cleaning them, you are throwing away valuable belts, at the same time that you are purchasing more new belts, only to be partially used again. It’s kind of a crazy thing to do, isn’t it?

Environmentally friendly abrasive belt recycling

Many of our hardwood clients, who clean their abrasive belts with our system, use their abrasive belts from four to eight times as long, by cleaning them regularly. Softwood sanders will get many more lifetimes than that.

–  Our clients reduce abrasive costs significantly, often with a return on investment in a few months.

–  Our clients reduce negative effects to the environment by minimizing the waste going to the landfill by recycling these abrasives.

–  Our clients improve their sanding quality with clean, cool abrasives on their sanders. Compare this to using belts that start out new and sand with increasing amounts of load until fully loaded.

–  Our clients increase their production up-time by reducing belt changes, by cleaning right on the sander when needed.

–  Our clients use an automated, ergonomic system, which uses dry ice particles to clean easily and without any moisture added.

-Our crews can come into your facility and install on your sander during your downtime. Start saving immediately.

Please be smart and help the environment and your bottom line. You can view an on-sander belt cleaning by clicking on this link, http://icecleansys.com/timesavers-demo/ . The belt being cleaned is a loaded 54” wide paper belt being cleaned in about 50 seconds, at a cost of $.67 per cleaning. It’s simple, safe, and operators love it, as it eliminates belt changes.

We also have manual belt cleaning systems, and have an off-sander cleaning cabinet, which can quickly be adjusted for cleaning of various sized belts. The belt cleaning cabinet can be viewed here, on this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBO_x9T06RY . Our system can effectively and efficiently clean any kind of belt (paper, cloth, silica, aluminum oxide, and ceramic) on most sanding applications. We have developed an industrial-strength system. We are now having great success with panel manufacturers.

Any company sanding softwoods absolutely needs our abrasive cleaning system. Any company sanding hardwoods or composites over four hours per day absolutely needs our abrasive cleaning system.